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12°C, Clear

Automation is one of the most coolest things you can do. I love automating stuff and getting virtual things in touch with the so called real life ;). Starting from a tablet on the wall showing news, stocks, personal calendar events, to my water fountain and favorite music playing, when I get home. So there is so much you can do, but what you need is stable data.

Here you get access to some of the data I provide on my server.

Weather in Hamburg

Access the current temperature in Hamburg:

Access the current condition in Hamburg:

Access the current wind speed in Hamburg:

Update interval for this data set: Every 5 minutes.

#published:   2017-09-17    #tags: automation, hamburg, temperature

Brightness in Hamburg

Sure you can trigger something by the time, that the computer clock gives you. But if you want to start a process, when it is getting dark, then you need other information due to seasons. Even seasons are not reliable because sometimes in winter it is dark at 4 pm and sometimes 5 pm up to the constallation of clouds.

Access the info if it is dark:

Access the info how dark it is:

Update interval for this data set: Every 5 minutes.

#published:   2017-09-17    #tags: brightness, Hamburg, is it dark?

Sunrise and sundown in Hamburg

Here you find data, that shows sunrise and sundown in Hamburg.

Access sunrise:

Access sundown:

Data set is updated every night 00:00.

#published:   2017-09-17    #tags: sundown, sunrise, hamburg

For security only: I am not responsible for errors or damages caused by availability or non availability of the here provided data.


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